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Words & Music: Rattlesnake Annie

Adios Last Cowboy

Adios last cowboy
Now you’re ridin’ on that range
That goes on forever
And back around again
Through the sky on your white horse
With wings like the wind
Silver mane flows in the moonlight
Down the trail that has no end

(verse 1)

Ridin’ hard across the badlands
Alone in the blindin’ rain
Runnin’ from your sorrow
Hidin’ out in your pain
Ramblin’, gamblin’, loving’
With your guitar and your gun
Holdin’ the midnight ladies
Until the morning sun

(verse 2)

Now the stars shine on the prairie
Like the love light in your eyes
I remember our good times underneath the Summer skies
Now your saddle is empty
Your pony stands alone
We miss you ‘round the campfire
And we’re singin’ your songs

Publisher: Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI
International copyright secured





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