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Words & Music: Rattlesnake Annie

Aztec Fields

Children of the sun, earth and sky are one
Harvest of gold in the Aztec Fields 
They came down like a flood
Turning water into blood
Planting the cross in the Aztec Fields

Green flowing valleys of Old Mexico
Rainbow colored corn and wild flowers grow
Mighty Aztec people with vision from afar
Healing, teaching, building to the stars

Then over the mountains and up from the sea
Angry voices calling, hungry eyes of greed
Marching men of war, cutting blades of steel
Red bodies scattered in pieces on the field 

Now there’s cold winds blowing over the bones
In Aztec Fields where all secrets are known
Men of magic painting skin and stone
In Aztec fields where ancient spirits roam

Publisher: Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI 
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