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Words & Music by: Rattlesnake Annie

Bugles on the Prairie

Bugles on the prairie
The drum will sound no more
Red blood like a river flow
Across the canyon floor
Bugles on the prairie
The drum will sound no more

On a cold and moonless night
Out on the Texas plains
The great Comanche nation lay sleeping
Without a warning or a sound
The Calvary came riding down
There was no chance for escaping
With guns and knives the killed and maimed
They did it all in Jesus name
Then rode away with pride from the slaughter

Alone and wounded on the ground
That long December day
The great Comanche nation lay dying
No one came to bear the shame
No helping hand to ease the pain
Mother earth stood trembling with their crying
The sun turned black, the cold wind moaned
Buzzards circling for their bones
As they finally lay there in silence

Publisher: 1978 Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI (International Copyright Secured)




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