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Words & Music: Rattlesnake Annie

Hang Her Higher

Last night I had a strange dream
The sun was burning hot on a dusty street
A crowd was gathering in front of the saloon, their faces filled with excitement
And there on the crude gallows stood a woman, her head hung low
The hangman pulled the black hood off the woman’s head
The crowd gasp, so did I, it was me
Then the sheriff said…….


Hang Her Higher let her rock
Hang Her Higher let her die
Hang Her Higher let her rock
We won’t live with her kind

(verse 1)

Hang her up the girl was lazy, livin’ off the land
Runnin’ with the buffalo and a wild Apache man
Let her swing she love the good times, dancing all night long
With the pipe of peace in the circle
She lived her life to the tune of nature’s song


They say she came from Texas
And we know they’re all outlaws
Ain’t no jail strong enough to hold her
Got to beat her to the draw
Let her taste our law

(verse 2)

Hang her up she looks suspicious with her dark and roving eyes 
Not a shirt on her back and she says she’s satisfied 
Let her swing she loved the men, never meant them any wrong
But she left a trail of broken hearts
As he lived her life to the tune of nature’s song

© 1989 Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI (International Copyright Secured)




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