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Words & Music: Rattlesnake Annie


Iím at home, all alone sweet Sakura
Youíre so far away from me across the sea
Now the springtime has come to the Blue Ridge Mountains
But my heart is there with you in Kunitachi

When itís cherry blossom time in Kunitachi
And the sun is shining through the cherry trees
I remember your love sweet Sakura
When itís cherry blooming time in Kunitachi

I canít forget the night we met sweet Sakura
You gave your love beneath the stars above so strong and free
You said youíd come and live with me in the Blue Ridge Mountains
And leave your childhood home in Kunitachi

These tears of mine have stained the lines of your last letter
I donít know why you said goodbye so suddenly
Now the cold rainís pouring down on the Blue Ridge Mountains
And my broken heart is there in Kunitachi

Publisher: © Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI (International Copyright Secured)




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