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Old Guitar

There you stand old guitar

In the corner of my room

Like an old friend long forgotten

And slightly out of tune


Do you remember old guitar

When we were wild and young

Happy dreaming by the river

Can you still play the songs we sung


Now we’ve taken different roads

To each his own way of life

Lovers and friends

Husbands and wives

Old guitar I can see by the tear stains on your face

That you long to go back

To that simple time and place


Mo ichido

Modoreru naraba                             

Guitar o narashi 

Namida de utatta              

Saigo no yoru no              

Nakama no kao o                            

Tashikana kizuna de       




Words by: Masamitsu Oshima

Music by:  “Fire” Nishimura

 English translation by: Rattlesnake Annie




2005 Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI (International copyright secured)






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