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Words & Music by: Rattlesnake Annie

Rattlesnakes and Rusty Water

If I could only be all the things inside of me
Then Iíd lay down by you side and be contented
I love to hold your face but sometimes I hear my name
Being called from some far off places

Canít find the line Iím supposed to be walking
And it donít take no fool to see
I done tried that high rolliní ride
Rattlesnakes and Rusty water lord their good enough for me

Iíve played in fancy bars drove big ole car been accepted socially
But they took my time and my piece of mind nearly made a wreck out of me
Wrong and right and dark and light are individuality 
And it makes a possum run across my grave ever time I see Ďum selling Jesus on TV

© 1976 Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI (International Copyright Secured)




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