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Words & Music: Rattlesnake Annie

I Ride Alone

With my face to the sun and my back to the wind I will ride
To the edge or the canyon where nobody’s been, I will ride
I ride, I ride alone. 
I ride, I ride alone

(1 verse)

On a wild stallion raging through the night
I never looked back at my home
Running hard across the prairie
I headed straight into your arms
You loved me complete in the moonlight
I left you asleep in the dawn
I hope you can forgive and forget me 
But I must ride alone

(2 verse)

With endless skies before me
By the stars like a lone wolf I will roam 
Leaving no trace behind me
For I must ride alone

Publisher: © 1996 Ann McGowan Music Inc. BMI (International Copyright Secured)




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